My and Melanie’s The Man on the Ceiling is featured in TOR Nightfire’s Tales from the Backlist column in a long and thoughtful review. They include ordering links (the ebook is now only $3.99). “It’s the underpinnings of the real, that grounding in emotional truth, that allows The Man on the Ceiling to resonate. No, not everything here is factual– some of it’s fictionalized, some of it is more fantastical than others, and some of it is just surreal enough to be a weird blip, to make you lose a step wondering if what happened just happened. But all of it speaks to something on a deeper emotional level, a certain truth we all kind of know. It’s something anyone who reads The Man on the Ceiling will be able to connect with, to find their own memories and recognize the weird events in their lives, to deal with our own weird spirits and unusual fears.”