Climate Restoration

We need to meet the emissions elimination goals set by the Paris Climate Accords, but the “inconvenient truth” of those accords is we already have too much carbon in our atmosphere to halt the serious effects of climate change. Slowing down emissions isn’t enough. Until recently the notion we might be able to restore our climate to pre-industrial levels appeared impossible. But that has changed. Scientists and industrial leaders are working on affordable, scalable methods for taking CO2 and Methane out of the air in enormous quantities. Peter Fiekowsky’s new book Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race, written with Carole Douglis, is the clearest presentation I’ve seen of the difficulty we’re facing along with the most likely solutions for full climate restoration. Refreshingly, this book presents climate change as a problem that can be solved. It’s an important work for every citizen to read. This is an issue we all need to be intelligent about.

Fiekowsky explains four climate restoration technologies in clear and simple terms:

  • Synthetic limestone manufacture: mimics the chemistry oysters, mussels, and corals use to store carbon. This new limestone can be used for roadbeds and concrete.
  • Seaweed permaculture: renews the seaweed forests of the ocean, a major resource for capturing vast amounts of carbon.
  • Iron fertilization to restore the oceans: uses iron dust to increase populations of microalgae and accelerate photosynthesis.
  • Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Oxidation: a method for decreasing the occurrence of future methane bursts as insurance against a possible extinction event.

Fiekowsky’s book also encourages the already existing trend toward smaller families as a path toward more sustainable global population levels. It concludes with a list of action items every citizen, scientist, and investor can take to make climate restoration a reality. Highly recommended.

The 2020 or Bust App

2020’s mission is to wake people up to the importance of the next three years for climate change and to empower ordinary folks with an opportunity to collaborate worldwide as they lower their carbon footprint. Anyone may download 2020’s free app for Apple or Android devices which allows you to track your progress with specific carbon-saving actions and compare your results with users worldwide. The actions the app allows you to choose from are both creative and inspiring: add meatless meals to your week, invest in renewable energy, recycle, stop using plastic, limit your microfiber waste, plant native wildflowers, contact your local congressional representatives, etc. Do your part to restore our climate.

Download the 2020 or Bust app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store for Android devices.

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Miguel Prays While His Mother Cries

The blessed truck would arrive at midnight to carry them out of Phoenix. Each day Miquel prayed to the Virgin for her forgiveness: for hiding in the basement of this house he did not own, for dragging his own mother out of her home while Guatemala burned, for promising that life would be better here, for hiring that coyote to take them into an abandoned city whose summer temperatures averaged over 150 degrees, for not stopping el diablo when he opened the door and dumped them onto the melting asphalt, for not insisting that his mother wear gloves, or shoes.
Originally published August 8th, 2019 in Daily Science Fiction


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