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Melanie’s posthumous YA science fiction novel is now available in paperback and ebook formats.

Nothing is simple in fifteen-year-old Casey’s life. She has two families and two houses and two rooms of her own. Sometimes this makes her feel lucky, but other times she feels practically homeless. She also has a brother with Asperger’s. He’s interesting to have around, and she loves him very much, but he’s also complicated.

And speaking of complicated, Casey discovers she’s a time traveler.

She’ll be doing her Algebra homework, or on her way to work at the restaurant, when suddenly she’s in some other time and place, in some other body, and she’s supposed to do something. Help somebody. Fix some problem. But how?

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MAKING LOVE, the first novel collaboration between Melanie and Nancy Holder, is now available as an ebook. Smashwords ordering link: Amazon ordering link:


WITCH-LIGHT, the 1996 novel collaboration between Melanie and Nancy Holder is now available as an ebook. Amazon ordering link


Four of Melanie’s oral storytellings have been preserved as an album at the Bandcamp website as a free download.


Melanie’s sold-out limited edition collection Singularity is now available as an affordable ebook from Crossroad Press. This volume collects her essential short fiction. Order from Amazon.


Did you know that Melanie has two posthumously published novels from Crossroad Press? Both Alden Mills: A Ruth Torgesson Mystery, and Out of the House of Darkness, a novel about alcoholism, are available as ebooks to order from the Crossroad Press Melanie Tem page.


For Melanie Tem Audiobooks, check out this listing on the Audible website.


Melanie’s story “Dahlias” will be reprinted in The Best of Black Wings, edited by S.T. Joshi for PS Publishing.


Melanie’s story “Lunch at Charon’s” has been reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women, ed. Stephen Jones, Skyhorse, 2017


About Melanie

MELANIE TEM's chronicles of the terrors that haunt families and the amazing resilience of the human spirit have collected a World Fantasy Award, a Bram Stoker award, a British Fantasy Award, and praise both here and abroad. Stephen King said of her first novel, Prodigal, "spectacular, far better than anything by new writers in the hardcover field." Dan Simmons declared it "A cry from the very heart of the heart of darkness . . . Melanie Tem may well be the literary successor to Shirley Jackson."

Free Fiction

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