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Night Vision,” Daily Science Fiction, 4/16/2019

“Red Rabbit,” Borderlands #6

The Men and Women of Rivendale,” Nightmare #35.

A Space of One’s Own,” Clarkesworld #141, June 2018.

Cats, Dogs, & Other Creatures,” Talebones.

Charles” (audio) StarShipSofa.

Dying on the Elephant Road,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies #54.

Field of Shoes,” Daily Science Fiction, May 2018.

For All His Eyes Can See,” The Dark, August 2018

Home Invasion,” Daily Science Fiction, October 2013.

The King of the Cats,” from Deadfall Hotel in the Weird Fiction Review.

Too Many Ghosts,” The Dark, December 2016.

Wheatfield with Crows,” The Dark, August 2016.

No Rest for Those Who Can’t Sleep,” This is Horror, July 2012.

Halloween Street,” “Tricks,” “Butcher Paper,” and “Masks of Me,” (audio) Pseudopod 566.

Her Oh So Pretty Face,” Hex Words, January 2017.

Giant Killers,” The Pedestal Magazine.

Aphasic World Syndrome,” Pindeldyboz.




In this new collection award-winning horror author Steve Rasnic Tem showcases a variety of ghosts and other creatures aiming to keep you up all night with the lights on. Read about the two best friends chased by a strangely familiar figure. Or the teenager who woke up one morning with fur sprouting from every nook and cranny on his body. Or the fellow from a poor family who has to take care of both his little sister and his crazy mom whose magical powers only make things worse. Or an old man who finally tells his grandson the terrible thing that makes their crops grow. Or the mechanic who keeps his cars running on oil, gasoline, blood, and broken bones. The stories in Everything Is Fine Now range from subtle supernatural tales to the legends you might hear sitting by a campfire. For adults, teenagers, and mature middle-grade readers.

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About Steve

STEVE RASNIC TEM's short fiction has been compared to the work of Franz Kafka, Dino Buzzati, Ray Bradbury, and Raymond Carver, but to quote Joe R. Lansdale: "Steve Rasnic Tem is a school of writing unto himself." His 400 plus published stories, twelve collections, and seven novels have garnered him the British Fantasy Award, the World Fantasy Award, two International Horror Guild Awards, and four Bram Stoker Awards.

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